Lash Extension Info & Policies


Whether longing for longer, fuller eyelashes or dying to go ULTRA-GLAM, Twist Salon's expert Lash Artists
make Eyelash Dreams come true! 

Eyelash Extensions are thin fibers that look just like real eyelashes that are attached to natural eyelashes with a permanent adhesive to give a lengthened, fuller, denser and more luxurious look to lashes!
A full set typically requires 2-3 hours to apply 

Every journey to beautiful Lash Extensions begins with a careful and thorough consultation with one of Twist Salon's Lash Artists. At your first appointment your Artist will discuss your lash goals, your preferred lash style and any questions or concerns you may have.  

Your Lash Expert will assess your lashes to determine what is best for their health and what styles and density they may best support. The greatest success is based on current lash density, curliness, lash length and lash strength.

When creating fresh, new Lash Looks, our Artists will consider eye shape, natural features and style preferences to create the perfect and unique Lash Design for every client! 

Your Expert will also cover our Salon's Lash Policies, Personal Maintenance Schedule, Lash Care and Lash Retention.  

Lash Extension's perpetual beauty and success requires a commitment to their care and maintenance.
In addition to proper in-home lash care, Lash Extensions will require maintenance visits called "Fill Ins".

A Fill In is the process of reapplying and moving lashes back up, closer to the hairline on the upper eyelids. 
This is required because natural eyelashes are always growing and "shedding" as a part of their normal growth cycle. During maintenance, a Lash Artist will replace overgrown lash extensions with new extensions, apply extensions to new-grown lashes and to natural lashes that have lost their extension.

The timeframe(s) required to keep lashes beautiful vary based on external factors like lifestyle, activities, personal habits and weather.  Maintenance is also based on preferred Lash Style and the natural lash length, lash density, curliness and overall lash health. 

*Your first return visit will be two (2) weeks after your initial installation. Your personal Lash Maintenance Schedule (LMS) will be provided at this appointment after your lashes have been properly assessed.

Modifications to your service or style may certainly be made, however, Any Lash Maintenance appointment scheduled 
past four (4) weeks of an initial install is considered and charged as a Full Lash Installation!


If lash extensions were applied previously and there are any "issues", or contraindications (health problems),
the Lash Artist will perform a Lash Removal. This service will be discounted if the client schedules a full set installation when they come in for their Lash Removal.

*If you feel any pain, irritations, "stickies", lashes stuck together or twisting, it might be time to schedule a Removal! From makeup to natural dirt and debris, our eyelashes often develop a build-up of "gunk" underneath the bond of the lash. Sometimes lash extensions just may not "feel right."  This may indicate that it's time for a DEEP CLEAN!

When preparing for a Lash Removal, guest should come into the appointment ready to relax for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Our Lash Artist will apply a remover and then will carefully remove each lash, work on deep cleansing your lash line, and will get your Lash Set clean, comfortable and refreshed!

After your deep cleaning you may get another full set of lashes or take a little break!


"Retention" refers to how long Eyelash Extensions last on the natural lash before shedding and falling off.

Required maintenance is based on "Retention" and can be a short as two (2) weeks and as long as eight (8) weeks.

Pricing is determined by retention and timing. The Lash Expert will determine the percentage of lashes that are left on the natural lashes when a client returns to the Salon for Lash Maintenance.
Pricing is also determined by the amount of time required to complete the Lash Service

Guests arriving over 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule their appointment. 
Often, we are unable to accommodate a late client because it jeopardizes the service scheduled for our next Client.  
While we will make every effort to accommodate our Guests, please understand that we have implemented Policies to ensure professionalism and timeliness at Twist Salon.
Our Salon also respects the time, efforts and livelihood of our treasured Lash Technicians.

Please honor your appointment time. 
If you must cancel or reschedule, please do so as soon as possible.
ALL Cancellations must be made at least 24 -hours before your appointment time or a cancellation fee will be applied. 

NO SHOWS and Cancellations, made less than 24 hours before an appointment, will be charged a fee of 50% of the total Service scheduled for the Client's appointment! 

Clients who have "no-showed" for an appointment will be required to place a deposit of 50% of their total service down before Twist Salon will schedule their next appointment.  This deposit will be applied towards their next service.